Written Testimonials


We love knowing that our efforts to bring you high-quality dentistry in a comfortable and relaxed environment are appreciated. We are proud to share these comments from clients who quickly became friends

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re testimonials from our patients.

“I can’t believe how friendly and nice the people are there and how clean and sterile the place it, the dentist is great. I will be referring a lot of my people at work to come here”
~Robert R

“I enjoyed the atmosphere and the treatment.”
~Adil S

“Everyone is very friendly! They made my cleaning experience very comfortable. I’m very happy I joined this practice.”
~ Susana B

“It was my kid’s first appointment. It went quick and the staff is very friendly. The kids left happy”
~ Hady A

“Everything went well; it was a very nice visit.” ~Victoria T

“A wonderful, warm place- the staff was welcoming and informative. I will definitely come back!” ~ Briana W

“Customer service was amazing. I love everything about the office” ~ Rachael M

“Very friendly atmosphere, very professional, and flexible work schedule. Best in the business, I drive an hour to get there” ~ Nicholas S

“I’ve had an excellent experience in this office today. I’m also very pleased with my tooth implant done by Dr.Dr. Bassil early this year. Thank you!” ~ Tuyhang L

“The staff is the very best. I always call with a problem and they are always there for me, whenever!” ~ Dave H

“Dr. Dr. Bassil is an excellent dentist. He pulled all my teeth and I experience no form of discomfort.
~ Joan B

“All the staff here makes my experience very pleasant, down to the filling. Prior to this I was always afraid.”
~Hope B

“By far the most upscale and friendly dentist’s office I’ve been to. After avoiding a dentist for years, coming here is a great welcome back.” ~ Jessica M

“Very informative and nice, great people.” Chris B

“Very friendly, high quality service. Highly recommend the practice.” ~ Bryan G

“I really like the place and the staff. All of them are very friendly and my kids like them all.” ~ Rasha E

“Staff was very courteous and helpful” ~ Laura B

“Wonderful place, you just feel it is a family place.” ~ Alaa A

“Very friendly, love the decor.” ~ Diane R

“The friendly and personal service puts you in a relaxed mood for cleaning. The technology here is top notch, I love seeing instant x-rays and photos of my teeth.”
~ David R

“It always smells nice in here, never like a dentist’s office. Thank you!”~Rachel V

“I felt very comfortable with the staff on my visit. Therefore I moved forward with treatment.”
~ Thomas

“Dr. Dr. Bassil, Thank you so much for calling in antibiotics/pain ills on Saturday and for saving my tooth on Monday! Truly the best dentist!” ~A.M

“The Doctor was very helpful to me as far as referring me to another dentist and caring for my daughter who was very nervous and scared during her visit.” ~ Carolyn G

“The Doctor and staff were very nice.” ~ Tyra G

“The doctor and staff were very helpful, friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Great job everyone!!” ~ Kala S

“It was a great experience.” ~ Lukasz

“Everyone is so nice, and they really talk to you, and make it an uncomfortable visit an enjoyable one.” ~ Nicole S

“The dentist and staff are very clean and friendly.” ~ Hassan

“I was very comfortable and was treated very kindly. I am glad I switched dental practices, everyone is very kind!” ~ Eric

I ‘m grateful to have them they are so kind to me, they will work with me, and I recommend them to any one who would like a friendly face.”

“Well to let everyone know, everyone of the staff members are kind to the people and the Doctors treat us well. They are so helpful, they care so much and they go out of their way to help us.” David J

This visit was a pleasant surprise, the office staff was wonderful and the Doctor is fantastic!”
~ Cory S

“I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and profess ional each and every person in the office. It was a truly exceptional time.” ~Ilea

The staff is wonderful! They make you feel so comfortable. Dr. Dr. Bassil was very gentle and did an amazing job. Thank you!” ~ Rachel V

“It was great, they were friendly and gave me a lot of goodies.” ~ Ian W

“Took extra great care and I did not feel as if the appointment was rushed. Very thorough.” ~ Christina L

“I had a wonderful experience here. Everyone is very friendly and I love how thorough the office with not only the cleaning but checking for oral cancer.” ~ Denise J

“Amazing/friendly environment” ~Maria P

“Great experience, everyone is very friendly, I feel very comfortable with the Dr. Dr. Bassil work and knowledge. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know.” ~Jeff G

“It is the friend liest dental office I’ve have been to. All of the sta ff here are extrem e ly kind. ”
~ Brandon A

Very professional , kind , and w e lcoming staff . Good doctors. Love the office”
~ Shaku P

“Staff is extremely friendly. doctors are very capable and knowledgeable. Dental hygienist great! All have helped me very much!” ~ Michelle F

“I always feel good when I leave. Thank” ~ David

“Great staff, friendly environment. I love coming here. :)”
~ Luisa F

“Everyone here is very nice. I use to hate the dentist, but now I don’t mind coming. I love everyone here! ‘ ~Tom H

After leaving my previous dentist that I have been going to for years due to moving, I was worried I would not find any practice that would meet my standards. After searching my benefits webpage and narrowing down the Dentist practices close to my new home, I chose one that was a few miles away.When I went for my first visit and walked into the office, right away I felt agood vibe. The office staff was friendly, the environment was clean, and had a modern/retro feel to it. As I waited, which was not long at all, I met Dentist, Dr. Dr. Bassil. Great Guy! Being I work inthe field of technology and customer service, this office definitely goes aboveand beyond, they have top of the line technology, better than my previous dentist and they did an awesome job. I would highly recommend this office to myfriends and family especially to all of you who are searching for a new Dentist.
~Fred P

My Family and I started with Northstar Dental Care in the spring, and we have had a great experience. The practice is very clean withstate of the art equipment. Watching TV on your back makes the visit enjoyable.We highly recommend Bridgewater Family Dental! ”
~Mark & LeslieK

“If a trip to a Dentist can be a pleasant experience, the people at Northstar Dental Care make it one!” ~Arlene M

“The staff (receptionist especially) was very friendly and welcoming, they offered refreshments! They should get a raise.” ~Kathy F

I am happy with the service I got from Northstar Dental Care, I will recommend to anyone I know.” ~ Kamilia T

“I am very impressed with the modern technologies of the office. Staff is warm and welcoming, I feel very comfortable coming in for appointment.” ~DaveM

Very relieved and excited about my visit. Relieved because Ididn’t experience pain at all, excited to move forward with my well-explained plan for dental care. Dr. Dr. Bassil was great!” ~Jill M

“All staff is super friendly, helpful and informative. Eachvisit has been has been a pleasurable experience!” ~Meghan B

“Friendly and excellent workmanship and Doctor one-on-ones, great!” ~ Martin H

“I wanted to take a moment to follow up on a recent appointment that I had. As always, I was extremely impressed with the courtesy, timeliness, and diligence of Dr. Dr. Bassil and staff. As for the actual procedures, I was impressed with the comfort level! Comfort is certainly not the first thing most people think about when it comes to dental work. Even though I have moved, I continue to drive over 60 miles for their services. I appreciate everything they do and all that they stand for.” Many thanks, Scott B ~ grateful patient

“Dr. Dr. Bassil, Jeanmarie, Sara, Gloria, Christina and Devlin are the BEST, bar none. I was the biggest chicken when it came to going to the dentist. I told Jeanmarie I was afraid and she told me to get to the parking lot and she would make sure I got inside! They are PAINLESS, PLEASANT, and PROFESSIONAL! I now look forward to going to the dentist and I SMILE all of the time. I will, and do, recommend them to everyone! Thanks for the smile!!!” ~Eric

“If you need ANY work done on your teeth, this is the place to go. Dr. B is the BEST dentist I have ever been to. The staff will help you out. They are the best. Glad I found them!” ~Rich

“I highly recommend Northstar Dental Care! I was a brand-new patient but was made to feel lit family, even with my first phone call to Jeanmarie for an appointment. I needed work done within a time frame (my son’s wedding) and everyone on staff worked with me. They even fit my son in to work on his smile. Dr. Dr. Bassil is the best. Thanks for my smile!” ~Rosemarie

“I like the way that my treatment options were explained and I know what the fees are before I come in for an appointment. Thanks for taking the time and for addressing my needs. ~Alex

“I can’t believe that having an implant was such an easy procedure. I’m so glad to have that tooth back and it was all so painless! ~Jim

“Great service, personable staff, and an overall great experience at Northstar Dental.  Makes visiting the dentist that much easier on the nerves!!” Kelli

“First time for this kind of cleaning-seems beneficial-Pleasant experience” Kay

“everybody extremely polite and good service” Maria

“I had a good experience, took very good care of me…The BEST!!!!” Elizabeth

“Very pleasant, professional, and clean. Friendly staff and doctor.  The office gives a very good impression.  Overall, happy w/experience!” Carla

” I was very happy with how thorough Dr. Basill was.  He went over everything with me.  Thanks Dr. “B”.   Diane

“I felt very comfortable, they made me feel like family.  The people in th eoffice and the doctor were very caring.” Ivan

“I had a wonderful experience @ Northstar Dental Care.  Dr. Dr. Bassil was very impormative, caring, and gentle.  Thank you. :)” Peggy

“The atmosphere is frea and the staff is extemely professional.  Definitely can’t wait to continue my journey for better dental health.” George

” Made a bad day a good day.  Dr. Dr. Bassil and his staff certainly made a bad day good.  Extremely attentive and professional. Thank You.” Samuel


“The staff was gentle, kind, and caring and I was made to feel comfortable from the minute I stepped into the office.  I have a fear of dentists and I left the office feeling comfortable and reassured.  I will tell my family to use Northstar Dental!” Denise

“I love Dr. Bassil 🙂 While he was busy drilling away my broken tooth to fit it for a crown (because I’m the Queen–LOL) I could have fallen asleep :)”

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to share your feelings about our practice.  If you would like to join our testimonial campaign please e-mail your thoughts to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to share your impressions.