The best dentistry is the least dentistry and prevention is the way to need the least dentistry.

Our hygienists are trained and licensed to provide preventive care to all of our patients on a regular cycle. Re-care appointments can be made before leaving the office. Appointments scheduled months in advance are the most-effective way to get an appointment that is convenient for you.

Re-care appointment reminders are made by postcard, phone calls, or email (and soon, texts!)

Traditional, mainstream dentistry has historically endorsed the use of fluoride both systemically and topically in an effort to prevent tooth decay. After more than 60 years, the current scientific research has not shown systemic fluoride to be effective and can, in fact, have adverse effects on overall health.

Topically applied fluoride has shown to be somewhat effective, and as long as the fluoride is not swallowed in large amounts over a long time, the toxic effects are probably minimal to those who are not sensitive or allergic to the substance. Topical applications of fluoride are optional.

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