Teeth Whitening is Not Harmful to the Enamel

Teeth Whitening is Not Harmful to the Enamel


Teeth whitening is done commonly and is a part of many people’s daily self-care routine. With many different types of conventional teeth whitening methods, people no longer need to go to the dentist to get their teeth looking pretty and white. However, many are concerned when it comes to utilizing the whitening strips or toothpaste, and we got to speak with a Nazareth dentist, Dr. Bassil. From North Star Dental in Pennsylvania, Dr. Bassil has been in practice for 22 years and sees up to 40 patients a day between an age range of 4 to 90 years old. In addition to checking the health of your teeth, Dr. Bassil can help straighten your smile and whiten and brighten your teeth at the office. But for those who would like to try the “at-home” whitening methods, Dr. Bassil assures that teeth whitening is not harmful to the enamel. Whitening strips, toothpaste, and light therapy may not be as effective as getting your teeth whitened at the office, but they will not do any damage. Although depending on the person and how exposed their gums are, some may feel more sensitivity when using the whitening products.

Depending on the type of discoloration, the form of whitening should be decided. The stain that is caused by foods, beverages, or smoking habits, it is considered extrinsic. As for discoloration that is from within the tooth due to illness, tooth trauma, or aging, it is deemed to be intrinsic. External discoloration can be managed through any conventional teeth whitening, or one can choose to go to a dentist. But for intrinsic discoloration, patients have different options to get their teeth whiter, such as veneers crowns or bridges.

Not only does teeth whitening give a beautiful and pretty smile, but it also does clean your teeth, to a certain extent. Whitening restores the natural tooth structure by stripping away artificial stains. On the other hand, Dr. Bassil emphasized that teeth whitening does not clean the teeth and gums hygienically. And one should make sure to brush still and floss their teeth after every meal, as well as to see a dental professional every six-month for a cleaning. Also, when it comes to age, Dr. Bassil recommends children under the age of 14 not to utilize conventional whitening methods. One should always read the directions carefully before using any traditional whitening methods and make sure to follow the guidelines. Overall, Dr. Bassil has assured us that teeth whitening is not harmful to the enamel, and depending on one’s circumstance, specific treatments may be more effective than others.


General & Cosmetic Dentistry can give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, even smile.




When more than half of the tooth’s biting surface is damaged a dentist will often use an inlay or onlay.


If you lost yours


Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.




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